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Trading software – Fail Proof Investing with Elements of Wealth, Global One’s core product to financial freedom!

Creating financial freedom for most is something that is easier said than done.  What if we could give you a software program created by a globally known broker who studied the trends of the market since the 1920′s to create a program that showed you exactly where to put your money with a few clicks into PROVEN investments that will build your wealth exponentially?  Software that the wealthy are already using, now available to you!  Quit losing your money, and start making your money work for you.  At a fraction of the cost this invaluable software is available at, you too can now have your hands on the hottest wealth building software ever created!  By joining Global One today, your membership entitles you to everything the software has to offer, training, news letters, weekly updates and more for just $100/month!  As a Global One member, I have begun using the software and I am truly blown away by how this simple point and click tool works to begin creating sound, stable and secret investments that are increasing my wealth on auto pilot as I bring this incredible opportunity to you!  Don’t miss out.  Learn how to get paid EVERY THREE DAYS, and take that money and grow it greater than any 401k, IRA or ordinary stock investment can do for you!






Begin your journey towards financial stability and freedom now with elements of wealth and change your life forever!

See below how becoming a Platinum member will take you to where you want to be financially, and see for yourself what you’ve been missing!





Join Now and Start Changing Your Financial Situation With A Global Company That Overdelivers what the rest can’t!

Financial Freedom with Global One, best mlm opportunity – Join the revolution!

What we all want is financial security, an opportunity to earn money with a company, a business that is reputable and integral.  Global One companies is all that and more!  I am proud to be a member and excited to share the opportunity with everyday people or seasoned marketers who are ready for the next big thing that is happening now!


Ready, Set GO! – Find out more and join the rest of us on the journey towards financial freedom and security!

Financial Freedom comes when opportunity and demand meets timing and you take advantage of that opportunity that is legitimate, offers a great compensation plan, or several in the case of Global One, has support, live training and leaders who are all willing and dedicated to helping those serious about earning and achieving success.  All of these elements are here at Global One, otherwise know as the paradigm shift and the ultimate power profits.

We are a company and an already large community of people, just like you who have joined the Global One revolution with the certainty that this business will become, no doubt a means to great financial success for anyone who wants it.  I’ve explained the business in several other entries on this website.

The Bottom Line:

A. We offer 3 compensations plans, 2 of which are PASSIVE and land every active (paid member) in a payout zone every 72 hours, giving you guaranteed paydays 10 times a month!  You can join as a member for as low as $10/month or be super ambitious and go for the max earning potential and come on as a platinum member for $100/month.  (I have never seen in all my years in this industry such an affordable business for all that it offers!)  Your 3rd compensation which pays out the same, every 3 days comes from the promoting of the many products that Global One will be offering, beginning with the “Elements of Wealth” software, moving forward with the “i go shopping mall” and a plethra of innovative breakthrough bio/eco products that will change the world globally.  YOU CHOOSE, which ones you want to promote.  You can promote one or several for the same cost of your monthly membership and shoot for the stars as the rest of us are!

B. We have already a membership base as we are currently launching that is well into the hundreds of thousands of members.  No other mlm to date has ever had this volume of membership prior to launching.  We are in phase 2 of the launch, and phase 3 is right around the corner, which means paydays begin!!  When I say right around the corner, I mean DAYS, not weeks or months, DAYS AWAY!   From all around the globe, every successful and seasoned network and mlm marketer have already joined forces with Global One and are dedicated to teaching every member through live conference calls 2-3 times a week, outstanding leaders and around the clock support to help YOU SUCCEED!  No member who wants to earn, will be left behind. PERIOD!  If you are active, we are all here to help you achieve whatever your goal is and teach you to duplicate what every successful mlm or network marketer has achieved in other business models!  If you want it, we will freely give it to you when you join our teams, all the knowledge you need to succeed!

C.  This is no ordinary business.  We are already the 663rd most visited website on the web.  Global One is not playing around, they are dedicated to full compliance with FTC laws and this company will go on to lead the mlm industry for decades to come.  This is the beginning, and you have the opportunity to be a part of the beginning of a business that WILL change the industry forever and become a household name.  If you are serious about making money and you are ready for the business opportunity that WILL get you where you want to be financially, this is it and the time is now!


Ready to get your financial freedom and become a part of the largest business to launch in history?!!  JOIN NOW, and start your path, change your life, and earn money like a superstar!! No fluff, No BS, just real opportunity with an outstanding company, Global One ready to deliver the best and only of it’s kind compensation plans to people who deserve the best!

Global One Business Opportunity – Elements of Wealth

The Knowledge to Build Wealth and Preserve it with Global One


Have you ever wondered how no matter what the forecast of the economy is, there are still a great number of people out there who have remained unaffected with no investment or monetary loss?  They still have money, and they aren’t struggling to make ends meet in bad economic times as a great majority of our population is!

Global One is bringing you “Elements of Wealth” our core product as we now launch this incredible long awaited business opportunity!!

Elements of Wealth, Global One’s core product is an automated software developed by Livio Nispoli and Global One together through Livio’s breakthrough research on the economy, investment trends and wealth building all the way back to the 1920′s!  The Elements of Wealth software and newsletters are designed for every day people to, with a few clicks of your mouse and a few minutes of your time each month “earn it, build it and preserve it,” with the knowledge of the wealthiest and their best kept secrets.  Everybody deserves the opportunity to have financial success, be without struggle and to be able to provide for themselves and their families!  Through Elements of Wealth, Global One is making available to the public a unique algorithm in the software, developed by Livio and his many years in the industry as a broker and investor, along with his vital research of the market and economy, a way to take whatever amount of money you do have and build it, without the risk of loss!

Start Building the Wealth You Deserve Now!

The software is already being used by the many who seek Livio as an investment advisor and broker and changing the lives of many people as we speak.  Now, Global One brings YOU the opportunity to have this same power with the Elements of Wealth software to create the same financial dream and sound mind with a proven system to create and KEEP the wealth you build.

“Our goal is to help everyone, world wide, take advantage of any economy. Our goal is to take people from around the world and teach them how to avoid losses and to make gains and this is what this is all about. I have simplified this to the point where it’s a couple clicks of a mouse and few keystrokes and you’re off…it’s all automated!”  

-Livio Nespoli

Hear more about the Elements of wealth and the power of Global One with our in depth presentation of the Elements of wealth conference call.  See for yourself, what the power of this business and the launch of our core product “Elements of Wealth” can do for YOU and how it can and will change your life financially if you are ready!

Click Here To Listen Now!

Long term success is at your fingertips.  Join the Global One Paradigm Shift and begin to change your life today, with a company that cares about your success by bringing you life changing systems of wealth and products that will change the world as we know it.  It won’t be long until Global One is a household name.  The question is, are you ready to make that household name one that changes your life forever as it is already changing mine hundreds of thousands already?!


Who is Global One, and what is the Global One Business Opportunity?!

I’m just going to open this entry with this – You have landed on this page because you are serious about making money!!  Making money folks isn’t rocket science, it’s about finding the right opportunity at the right time.  Well, the time is NOW and there couldn’t be a better opportunity for the average person seeking extra income or an experienced internet marketer to join Global One for the most legitimate opportunity for you to create an income that is very real and very simple to not only understand but to be a part of and truly make money with!

Who is Global One, and what is this opportunity about? Simply put, Global One is a company that has teamed up with business leaders all over to create revolutionary and innovative products that pretty much sell themselves!!  You have the opportunity with Global One to promote these products and services and to earn great commissions off of sales.  So what makes Global One so unique to any other business out there where you can offer great products?  Well that is simple!  Global One offers you 3 streams of income, one is based around the sales and promotions of products, and the other two are centered around a 10×3 matrix and a patented income generating program called “spinfinity”. . . BOTH which pay you 10x a month minimum on your membership without having to do a thing!  Of course if you are a go getter like me, and looking to break free from “working for the man” and attaining financial freedom then what you will want to do is to encourage people to join you in this journey and have them sign up underneath you.  Why?  Because every person you sign up, you will be paid 20% of ALL OF THEIR COMMISSION PAYOUTS!  This is huge folks because if you sign up as a platinum member which is a measly $100/month you will be paid 5 levels down in the same way.  

The potential here is that your minimum of 10 payouts a month on both the matrix and spinfinity will now increase to an exponential number of payouts as your increase your social network of signups!!  The potential, the numbers, the dollars. . . well just wrap your mind around it, which is nearly impossible to do because it is just too big and can grow so huge that the potential for income is ENDLESS!! Find out more now about all the compensation plans and about Global One Companies and why you don’t want to wait another minute to join what is going to be the LARGEST organization, business opportunity and MLM to hit the globe.  In fact, we are launching in just days and it has already become the 800th most visited website on the web!!  Out of billions of websites out there, Global One’s business has reached traffic on the internet GLOBALLY that no other company has been able to accomplish in such a short period of time!!! Watch Now and Find Out Today Why You Want To Join Global One NOW and take the journey towards a sustainable income that will change your life forever.  JOIN ME TODAY, and I will teach you, lead you and help you to succeed!!

The Global One Full Overview! Don’t delay, push play and get ready to be blown away by what you are about to see!


Join Global One in the greatest business launch on the internet, Ultimate Power Profits!

Want to Join the biggest business launch on the web? Global One’s, Ultimate Power Profits is a business you can be proud to be a part of as well as a business you can succeed with!  Co-founded by the greatest minds in network marketing and brought to you by Global One, Ultimate Power Profits is a business that has the power to take you where you want to be financially!

Have you ever dreamed of being involved in a business like youtube, google, zeek rewards or facebook when they first launched?

Well here is your chance!

Maybe you are a seasoned marketer who is seeking a new opportunity to promote and cash in on, or maybe you are seeking your first business opportunity that will truly give you the opportunity to create a solid income that can either add to or replace your current income.

Global One is launching the first and only of it’s kind, social marketing with Ultimate Power profits, where EVERY member will earn commissions from 3 seperate streams of income EVERY SIX DAYS OR LESS that build simultaneously!

No member will be left behind in ultimate power profits.  We have all the training, all the marketing and all the support you need to achieve your goals without spending thousands of dollars or hours upon hours to do it! You do not need to refer with our business to earn, however you will earn 20% of all referral commissions multiple levels below you!

Our compensation plan is greater than anything  ever seen before, giving EVERY member earns commissions every 6 days or less GUARANTEED whether you refer or not!

Ultimate Power Profits is launching within just days and this is your chance to be a part of what will be the greatest business launch of the year!  Ultimate Power Profits will not only out earn and out last the others, but create income for every member for decades to come, week after week, month after month and year after year!

Ultimate Power Profits is FREE to join. . . every member can choose the membership level that fits their budget!  With memberships as low as just $10/month, Ultimate power profits is easy to afford for anybody who is serious and ready to earn money!

The top membership level available is our  platinum membership which is only $100/month and gives you the earning power 5 referral levels deep.  ****If you are a   superstar marketerplatinum is where you want to be!*** 

If you are just starting out or are new to online business, any level of membership is going to pay you commissions, so either jump in and try the business with a low risk $10/month membership that will pay for itself and earn you commissions far beyond your initial membership investment, or join the rest of the leaders in our community who will be earning the top tier commissions! Every leader in our business is here to help you achieve the greatest earning power in our business with weekly conference and training calls, onboard marketing and everything you need to succeed!

Don’t miss out and join the paradigm shift that is happening around you. . . every member earns, period! You deserve the right business, that gives you a real opportunity to change your future and re-create destiny!  Opportunities like this is where millionaires are created!  Global One is going to change the game forever with our never before seen compensation plan.

So what are you waiting for??  You owe it to yourself to explore this free to join opportunity and find out for yourself what an amazing opportunity we have for you to change your life forever!  Find out more for free by following the “JOIN NOW”  link above that will take you to a free overview of Ultimate power Profits!

It’s free to take a look – what do you have to lose?!



Read more articles below and listen to conference calls on our compensation plan!


I Go Bid Win, Global One Business Profits Every 3 Days!

Earn money in 3 seperate income streams at the same time!

Global One brings you Ultimate Power Profits and 3 streams of income in the business opportunity of 2012 that will change the game forever!

Want to share profits from several different multi – billion dollar industries, earn commissions every 3 days or less and get paid 5 levels deep on referrals commissions?? Ultimate Power Profits makes that possible in the easiest and most genius business opportunity to launch! A program designed to create wealth not just for the company but for every member at every level of the business has been brought to you by the greatest minds in network marketing. You don’t need to be a network marketing pro or a super affiliate marketer. All you need is the DESIRE to MAKE MONEY! 3 seperate income streams build simultaneously for you with the power to earn unlimited commissions on every person you refer, every person they refer, every person they refer and beyond! Earn profits every 1,3 or 6 days in spinfinity and earn within our Go Global profit pool 10 times a month which is the accumulated revenue of all of the global one products. Not a promotion guru, no problem – global one will have many top of the line marketing options you can take advantage of which will generate leads and prospects for your business. Even with little capital, you will have the opportunity to use your “tokens” which come with each monthly membership to put towards the marketing the company has in place to help you achieve sales. Global one has thought of every aspect when it comes to a business that can profit even the novice coming into our industry!

Learn how now by listening to a conference call about the Go Global Profit pool which YOU and every member will be paid profits on!

Listen Now to hear how you earn money in the Go Global Profit Pool!